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I just love Mobile Alabama girls. Since I work as a swimming pool & hot tub repair man, I get to see the girls in their skimpy swimwear. And sometimes even less.


When I got hired maintaining hot tubs, jacuzzis and pools, I figured it would be calm because the majority of individuals don’t spend time at home during the day, and all the tubs I service are outside and easy for me to access. However in some cases teenagers are swimming and they spend time and watch, asking all kinds of questions. Other times it’s a horny soccer mom, usually just wanting to flaunt what you can’t have in front of you while you work. It happens a lot with Mobile Alabama girls. Just taking up time, but hey, why not enjoy the views, especially if it’s being flashed right into your face! That is exactly what happened when I showed up at a new address on my route. It was a jacuzzi, something about the jets. I parked my truck, picked up my gear and walked around the back of their home. There, off to the side in a gazebo, was the jacuzzi. Some of these residences have incredible setups, and this was certainly one of them. I opened the door and stepped within, and collided with a yellow bikini covered butt. Right in the face. She yelled and leapt around, almost head-banging me in the process. Then she said she was sorry for being such a klutz! I couldn’t believe it; here was a very hot blond beach goddess in a teeny yellow bikini, like she just got out of a publication. I could barely focus as she explained how her diamond necklace had got caught in the drain, and she didn’t want to use the tub until she got it out. It didn’t take me long to recover it, and she was filling the tub with water in no time. Then she got flirty and began playing with the hose. And she guaranteed me she can play with my hose much better. How could I reject her? We went at it like sex-starved freaks, licking and kissing and biting and fingering and screwing every which way possible we could. She drained my cock and greedily gobbled the last of it in her perky little mouth. When I left I made a note of her telephone number on the call sheet, and the name. Every little thing is paid for in advance now days by bank card, so the only info I get is the name, address, and complaint. I do not need to collect any money. So I see her name, not a man’s. Seems familiar, then I recognized her from the dating site Sex in Alabama I have been surfing! Mobile Alabama girls who want fun times! I’ll check tonight.


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