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I love viewing naked Alabama women. There is just something about these friendly, southern girls that turns me on more than women from other places. The fact that I live in Alabama probably helps. :)


Just recently I looked into a new restaurant in my area. I burn the midnight oil, so it was just after 9 when a cute blonde waitress showed me to a table. It was quiet, just 2 other tables, but they had actually finished their meals and would be leaving quickly. While I waited for my meal I had a look at a listing of ads I’d printed from this wonderful site full of naked Alabama women, where adults can meet other adults for grownup fun. Some of the profiles had pictures, and there was even one which looked a little like the waitress. When she returned I attempted to get a really good look at her without staring, to see if it was her. There was something about her smile that I felt sure I would recognize anywhere. And she was friendly, flirting with me over my steak. She liked thick juicy meat, she said before turning to say good night to the last departing patrons. Except for whoever was in the kitchen area, we were alone in the restaurant. I ate my dinner and studied the small picture. It had to be her. I saw her bend to wipe a table, her ass wiggling with every swoop of her arm. Good enough to eat, I thought as I bit into another piece of rib-eye. Her profile, if it was her, said she loved dancing, flirting, spontaneous grownup fun. That appeared very appealing. When I completed my meal she was right there. As she removed the dishes she saw a copy of the ad I thought might be hers on top of the stack I’d left on the table. She gasped. I asked her if that was her, and as friendly as her profile, she dove into my lap and said yes. Then she started to show me all the things she likes to do. Her legs spread out wide before me, providing me the sweetest dessert on the menu. I delighted in her clear juice, tonguing her pussy till she was squealing, and squirming for even more. With my face damp with pussy juice she said her turn, and quickly bent down to drool all over my dick. Her mouth was wet and sucked me good, making my schlong harder than any steel piston. I pounded her sweet pussy right there in the bistro, determined to get it on quickly in case the chef come out from the back. To finish she asked for a facial, saying how much she enjoyed the taste of the sweet cream. I left her a really huge tip, which she lapped right up. Now I always eat late on Tuesdays, and I always enjoy.


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